Golden Leaf Pictures Presents
40th Anniversary Woodstock Reunion Concert

Celebrating Peace & Love at Bethel Woods, NY

The 40th Anniversary Reunion Concert was performed on August 15th 2009 at the site of the original concert, in Bethel Woods, NY. It is the largest gathering of original Woodstock performers playing their original sets since 1969. Featuring Jefferson Starship (Playing the Jefferson Airplane set), Ten Years After, Canned Heat, Mountain, Big Brother and the Holding Company (performing the hits of Janus Joplin), Country Joe McDonald, Jocko Marcellino of Sha Na Na and Tom Constanten of the Grateful Dead.

Woodstock isn’t one story, it is 400,000 stories, and the concert with include interviews from the artists, original audience members and staff to tell their Woodstock stories and provide a framework to the concert to put it in historical and cultural perspective.  This exciting Special Edition DVD release will include bonus features, additional interviews, Photo Galleries, a Woodstock Timeline and extensive background on the concert that defined a generation!


Woodstock and its place in history…

       The Woodstock Music and Art Fair, held in up-state New York on August 15, 16, and 17th, showcased a veritable who's who of the top performers of rock, folk, and progressive popular music during the Sixties.  To this remote location came an audience estimated at a half-million people from all over the country. For those three summer days the Festival site was said to constitute New York State’s second largest city. Over a third of the thirty-one groups or solo performers who played Woodstock have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with several more expected to be honored in the coming years. Recognizing its singular place in contemporary history, the U.S. Postal Service recently issued a first-class postage stamp in honor of Woodstock. Its importance is demonstrated by the inclusion of an entry for Woodstock in The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, scholars who compiled this reference work feel every educated member of our society would be expected to know. Rolling Stone Magazine called Woodstock one of the 50 most important moments in music history!

Woodstock StampThe Woodstock Festival site is significant for a number of reasons.  First is its association as the setting for the largest musical event of its kind produced to that date.  It is significant due to the symbolic weight with which the Festival and the Festival site have been invested by members of the Sixties counterculture, as well as their admirers and detractors over time.  Indeed, this amorphous social movement subsequently came to be called the "Woodstock Nation," and the Baby Boomers, who comprised most of the audience at the Festival, are frequently referred to as the "Woodstock Generation“.